Space Place Practice

Photo credit_ Rob Irving

Photo credit: Rob Irving

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Affiliated to the Arts Research Centre at Bath Spa University, Space Place Practice will engage with the specificities of the Soapworks building and site through photography, writing, drawing, performances, and other pursuits, exploring the site and its histories. The documentation will be collated into a publication for distribution at the opening event and also will be available as an epublication through the websites.

Space Place Practice is made up of artists Victoria Walters, Michele Whiting, Rob Irving, Sarah Rhys, Lisa Wooding, Michelle Keegan, Linda Khatir, Quilos and the Windmill, Roxanne Jackson, Maureen Gamble, Victoria Kaye, Jane Bailey, Melissa Mahon Carol Laidler, Lydia Halcrow, Simon Taylor, Alyson Minkley, Pippa Galpin, and Anwell Cooper-Willis.