The SOAP SESSIONS features Bristolian minds and their story of Lockdown in a series of five mini films. There will be a different film screened every week during the exhibition opening times. 


We want to hear about your thoughts, feelings and experiences during the last months. Whether it be to vent or express grief or sharing an optimistic vision for your future, or a story of coming together during Lockdown. All of our lives have inextricably changed and we have been impacted in different ways. That’s why we recognise the importance of exchanging joy, despair, and everything in between.

The SOAP SESSIONS are organised by local artist-filmmaker Simone Einfalt, and documentary filmmaker and clown Alex Tabrizi.

WEEK 1:  Shaheim & Willow

WEEK 2: Joe, Rose & Otis

WEEK 3: Amaal & Shamil

WEEK 4: Sven

WEEK 5: Mariama & Saffiya

Simone is an Austrian artist-filmmaker who lives and works in Bristol. In her work she often plays with the concept of reality, subjective perception, and the alternation of mental and physical space. 


She commonly uses utopias to foster multidisciplinary conversations about failings in our society. Despite the depth and bleakness of most of her works’ leading themes she perpetually slips into humorous approaches and colourful sceneries.

Alex is Scottish-Iranian filmmaker and performer hailing from the South West. During his 10 years of activity Alex has worked on multi-award winning feature films such as The Journey (Jason Flemyng, Lindsey Coulson) and Homeless Ashes (Lew Temple, Maria Howell), as well as BBC's Wolf Half, Sky 1' Succession, and the Oscar winning Bohemian Rhapsody. 


Alex has also studied under Turner Prize nominee Richard Billingham, trained with theatre practitioners such as Peta Lily, Sam Rumbalow, Holly Stoppit, Mick Barnfather and in techniques such as Lecoq, and the method of Stanford Meisner and Lee Strasberg. Alex's focus ranges from comedy, to philosophy and cognitive science, to the dissolving of our metanarrative and metaphysical substrates in the modern era.  


He is currently working on a Documentary about an award winning Storyteller in Gloucestershire, and with theatre Clown Angela De Castro on a series of short films.