Off Stage

Curated by Young in Hong and Caroline Vitzthum

Eight Performances

Sam Hawkins
Lior Hutchings
Lola Evelyn Ives
Antonia Purdie
Ashleigh Swain
Alyson Minkley
Caroline Vitzthum
Yuan Yihang


The performances took place on the Ground Floor, Soapworks, Bristol & online

1:00pm & 2:00pm, Saturdays, 10th – 31st October 2020


Off Stage Launch: 1:00pm on 10th October 2020

10th October: Alyson Minkley (1:00pm)

17th October: Lior Hutchings (1:00pm) and Yuan Yihang (2:00pm)

24th October: Caroline Vitzthum (1:00pm) and Lola Ives (2:00pm)

31st October: Antonia Purdie (1:00pm), Sam Hawkins (2:00pm), and Ashleigh Swain (2:30pm)


Off Stage is a proposal for an open platform inviting emerging artists based in Bristol and Bath to raise crucial inquiries into the current times reflecting on social, political as well aspersonal issues. Performers will produce work through playful, humorous and new investigation in order to develop a critical language of their own.


Off Stage will present two to three performances each Saturday for the four-week period of the Centre of Gravity project at Soapworks, Bristol. The programme will be run independently and collaboratively by the participating artists.


For each performance, the space will be transformed into an autonomous and improvisational stage. Performers will be required to test and challenge the idea of ‘stage’ and the ‘spectacle’. All performances will be filmed and updated every week via Off Stage’s YouTube channel.


Special thanks to Jon England for documentation and technical supports.


Project inquiry:


The project is kindly supported by Creative Arts Practice, Bath Spa University and Centre of Gravity.