Frea Buckler


Photo credit: Frea Buckler


Colour Chart / Field
Wall painting / household emulsion
15m x 3m

Using emulsion paint and the triangular form of the warehouse racking - a universal formation that also provides strength in building structures such as scaffolding, both referencing the buildings’ past as a DIY store and future change. Buckler worked intuitively rather than installing a design, her process balancing knowing, uncertainty and risk - reflecting the buildings’ state of flux. Responding to the colours, composition and sense of space, working with the cracks and calcium carbonate that formed the fabric of the wall along with the crumbling concrete render. It is an exploration of colour interaction, history, structure, context and improvement/gentrification. By constructing a temporary formality on the building in transition it also offers a vision to something beyond - a rebuilding and a response to this uncertain time.


Colour Chart / Home
Emulsion paint - found objects from site including floor tiles, ceiling tiles, shelving, signage, counter
top, notice board
10m x 3m

Across the room from the formal structure of Field is installation Home. An arrangement of found objects, collected from the former Gardiner Haskins site, fixtures and fittings, signage and unwanted stock. Using household paint to transform with colour, compositions and motifs also collected from the store. Tucked in the corner with pine cladding and a room height background, adding a more domestic rather than commercial feel to the space, Home is an inward looking work that refers to the staff and customers that came here and the hopes and dreams of home improvement. Also suggestive of the temporary and transitional nature of the space as nothing is fixed and everything is just leaning or placed.

Photo credit: Frea Buckler