Sew Yourself - Common Ground

David Alesworth, with the assistance of Elenya Knops

Gardiner Haskins - Centre of Gravity, Bristol

Pre-Covid I had hoped we might sit together, chat, have tea and make our own stories and marks on a common piece of textile, but now in these new times I invite you to contribute in a spirit of participation towards something that will continue to grow and evolve in time. I am asking participants to create a 30cm x 30cm textile piece based upon themselves. (Please allow an extra 2cm border if leaving it un-hemmed)

This may be a self-portrait of any kind or it may be something from your home, you may choose to write some words about yourself. Whatever it is it should be sewn; not glued or drawn but made with cloth, needle and thread.

Your individual piece will be added to others to form a sort of “Bristol Quilt” which will continue to grow over time. Please add your name on a school type label which can be written and then stitched on to it, this will also help dictate which way up the piece is shown. You can also send or email a photo of making the piece in your environment or anything else you would like associated with your submission.

The project will run throughout October 2020 and submissions will be added to the working piece in The Centre of Gravity exhibition at Soapworks

How to submit your work:
You can submit your work by mailing it in a sealed bag to the address below:

David Alesworth, Spike Island ArtSpace, 133 Cumberland Road, Bristol, BS1 4UX

or leaving it in our display area on the 4th floor at Gardiner Haskins.

Contact: For any further questions please email
and we will be happy to answer and help in any way we can. Your contribution will become part of this evolving project and by submitting your work you agree to give it entirely over to the project. It will not be returned to you
and may be displayed at other venues in the future. If you would like to be informed of future developments and updates on the project please provide an email address when submitting your work.

David Alesworth + Elenya Knops

David Alesworth is a Visual Artist, Landscape consultant and researcher of garden histories and an art educator, who has lived and worked in Karachi and Lahore for more than twenty years. He holds both British and Pakistani nationalities. He was born in Wimbledon, and completed his Bachelors from Wimbledon School of Art, was awarded the Picker fellowship at Kingston University and completed an MFA in New Media from the Transart Institute, Berlin, in 2010.


He has exhibited widely, notably in 1999, Fukuoka Asian Art Trienniale, Japan , The Third Asia Pacific Trienniale, Brisbane, Australia 1999, “Lines of Descent” Noosa, Cairns, Perc Tucker, Bundaberg and Rockhampton galleries, 2000-2001, “Happiness”: a survival guide for art and life, Mori Museum, Japan, 2003. “The Other” National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai, India, 2005, “The Rising Tide” Karachi, “Gardens of Babel” solo show at Rohtas-2 Gallery, Lahore, 2011, “Lines of Control” British Council, London, UK, 2011. “The Garden of Ideas,” Agha Khan Museum, 2014-2015, Berkley BAMFA “The Architecture of Life” 2016, Dhaka Art Summit, “The Missing One” curated Nada Raza, 2016

His works are in a number of public and private and international collections.

Alesworth lives and works between Bristol UK and Pakistan, and teaches at the School of Visual Art and Design, Beaconhouse National University, Lahore