Mariele Neudecker, Another Day,

Another Day [Simultaneous Record Of The Sun Rising And Setting In Two Opposite Locations On The Globe - South East Australia And West Azores]



2 light boxes with film stills 

Each 79 x 104 x 20 cm

Edition 3 + 2 AP

Made in the year of the new millennium, this work was made on two antipodal points in the world that had a similar view out to sea from land. The light-boxes are stills from a video where the cameras filmed sunrise and sunset in the two respective locations, recording a simultaneous point in time.  The sun

here is seen from two different perspectives at the very same moment. The light- boxes have been positioned on the floor to have a closer connection to the horizon.

Mariele Neudecker was born in Germany and studied art in Germany, Ireland and the UK. She is now based in Bristol, UK.

In her work Neudecker explores the interphases and overlaps of the two and three-dimensional, as well as the conjunction of analogue and digital. She uses a broad range of media including sculpture, film, photography, as well as sound, in a quest to find a new perception of landscape and understanding of manmade world around us. Her practice investigates the thresholds of human experience, testing our perception of natural and technological situations. In promoting her inquiry into the relationship between the actual and the mediated, she develops a 21st century appreciation for a persistent fascination with Landscape and the Contemporary Sublime. Neudecker often uses technology’s virtual capabilities in order to reproduce a heightened experience of landscape; for her, technology both enables and limits our perception and experience of the worlds we inhabit.


Her solo exhibitions include the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham; Tate St Ives and Tate Britain; Kunstmuseum Trondheim, Norway and the Zeppelin Museum, Germany. She has shown widely in international group exhibitions. She currently shows her work at the Hayward Gallery will exhibit her in the V&A, both in London, and present a solo exhibition SEDIMENT at the Hestercombe Gallery, UK.


Neudecker is Professor and Research Fellow at the Bath School of Art, is member of the Arts at CERN’s Visiting Artists Programme and on the European Commission’s JRC Art & Science advisory panel. She works with Galeria Pedro Cera, Lisbon and the InCamera Galerie in Paris, Galerie Barbara Thumm Berlin and Thomas Rehbein Galerie Cologne.