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BEEF present performances from the Department of Moving Images

Photos by Rosie Bowery

This event took place on Friday 30th October 2020, 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Melanie Clifford: Can’t Reach

Can’t Reach: a continuing social and perceptual history of soap factory / department store windows.

16mm film projection with adapted Bell & Howell projector, hand-spun field-recorded vinyl dub plates, window pane, paper blind, ladder.

Kathy Hinde: River Traces 

Screening of River Traces, a 16mm film created by directly exposing sediment and plants from the River Frome onto film, with a live-mixed soundtrack combining noise from the optical soundtrack with underwater recordings of the hidden river that flows beneath Bristol’s city centre.

Vicky Smith: Bicycle Tyre Track

‘Vicky Smith’s Bicycle Tyre Track (2012-14) elegantly integrated into one simple action each phase in the production and exhibition of a film. The artist inked up the wheels of a bicycle and proceeded to ride it up and down a single strip of clear 16mm film laid out diagonally across the floor. Inevitably, the black ink spread unevenly across the optical and soundstripe as Smith struggled to keep on a very narrow track‘ (Catherine Elwes).


David Hopkinson & Snoozie

Improvised projected interventions in the in-between. 

Tapsew: special expanded performance with 16mm film

A high drama duet of sewing machine and tap dance. Scissors on thread; needle through cotton; metal via body on floor. The sounds of the machine and tones of the floor played out in tap, creating pace, tempo and rhythm in repetition and unification. Tapsew is Eliza Lomas and Sam Francis with Matt Davies. 

Zoe Tissandier: Archive Assembly

This edition of Archive Assembly will create an audio visual shadow play via overhead projection to reflect on the history of Bristol's former businesses and trades.