Chris Cornish

Photos by Benjamin Jones

With a practice underpinned by a history of technology, Chris Cornish utilizes apparatus such as the camera and computer to explore a singular view of the world. Carefully exploring the interstices occurring between seemingly incompatible media, Cornish’s work seeks to lift information, objects, and surroundings from virtual or historical sources, and transform them to ‘real’ space, recast as sculpture, photography, and film.

While Cornish’s pieces are permeated by pictorial representation, monochrome and abstraction, they also express an awareness of the medium that harks back to the 1960s. Situated on the border between the real and virtual worlds, between the palpable universe and the vast spectrum of its translations, the work of this British artist investigates and shows what happens between the “read” space and the image that emerges from it, or, in his own words, “what happens when geometry and mythology are pulled from one simulation to another”.