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Design by Lisa Friedberg

Bristol Artist-Led Forum explores ways for the Bristol independent arts sector to collaborate, share skills, resources, ideas, opportunities and co-commissions in order to support each other rather than to compete. The unprecedented circumstances that have unfolded in recent months confirm the need for the arts and culture sector to play an active role in bringing much needed positive change.

For this reason, we are, more than ever, interested in addressing topics of discussion around the value of artist-led/ independent artists initiatives as generating content and culture for the city. Also, we wish to address ways of validating our worth (knowledge, skills and expertise) to make a case for current and future recognition and fair remuneration for the valuable role artists play in relation to well-being, changing narratives and positively impacting our toxic society. This may take the form of open dialogue with institutions, communities, regional networks and funding bodies.

BA-LF wishes to explore ways to bring the CoG public and the Bristol artists community together in this period of instability and transition, promoting ideas of connectivity, diversity, community building, well-being and place-making. We are interested in community-led social, cultural and physical change while exploring the role and the values of artist-led initiatives, inviting conversation, participation, playfulness and engagement.

We envisage our project to be an organic, ever-changing collaborative piece; a space to test artists collaborations, offer discussions, workshops and talks around the topics addressed above.
Tickets for our events will be available soon.


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Anna Haydock-Wilson - artist, filmmaker and producer

Caroline Thake - socially engaged artist, writer and filmmaker. She works on documentation within the Bristol Artist-Led Forum

Deborah Weinreb +D - socially engaged artist and producer

Grace Kress - graphic designer and community artist/activist, founder of Shelby x Studios

Jo Bushell - social practice artist

Laura Bottin - curator, facilitator, activist. She is founder, co-convener & coordinator of the Bristol Artist-Led Forum

Lisa Friedberg - artist, changemaker, activist and Kundalini Yoga teacher. She works on communication, marketing and coordination within the Bristol Artist-Led Forum

Vandna Mehta - freelance creative producer, community arts activist, events organiser, facilitator, co-founder of Diverse Artists Network (DAN) & founder of Vocalise Magazine Bristol, core team and community engagement - Tribe of Doris Festival & Bristol Refugee Festival