Your Future is Here

Andrew Southall

andrew southall.jpg

All this is familiar yet difficult to focus upon for the viewer, whose encounter begins in close proximity to the screens; from this vantage point the images dissolve into a play of coloured light…


The internet searches were kindly conducted by students and staff in the schools of Art and Design at Bath Spa University.

Having worked as a photographer for many years, Andrew now questions the nature of photographic method through practice. He sets out to explore and examine our shared assumptions within the processes and practices of representation, measurement and calibration in the three dimensional worlds of design and sculptural form, two dimensional representation and the virtual environment. Andrew is currently course leader of MA Visual Communication & postgraduate coordinator for the School of Design at Bath Spa University. Previously he has taught on BA Fine Art, BA Photography and Historical and Critical Studies and worked for many years as a freelance architectural photographer for architects, engineers and the specialist press.